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  • Puyang Municipal Government and Nanjing Jiayuan signed a cooperation framework agreement to build electric cars in Pu Dong industrial clustering base

    Upload time: 2016-06-25

  • The following report content from Puyang municipal official website:
        May 27 morning, the municipal government and Nanjing Jiayuan Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of special cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in Puyang Ambassador. The two sides plan to build a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan in Henan Jiayuan electric car base project in Pu Dong industry gathering area.
        Nanjing Li Jia Yuan, chairman, chief engineer Li learned a long time, city leaders Ho Hung, King Papers, West Yan Liang, Xu Hui ago, Huai Xi attended the signing ceremony.
        Party Secretary He hung in his speech said that the current China's new energy vehicles have entered the stage of rapid development. Located in Henan Puyang Shandong and Hebei provinces at the junction, close to the consumer market, with the development of new energy vehicles and the geographical location advantages. In recent years, the city seize the opportunity, take advantage of the existing industrial base, relying on the switchboard Plains, Central Plains special vehicles, machinery and other associated hope petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprises, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic industry leading enterprises, the number of new energy car project the city put into operation. The successful signing for promoting the city's new energy automotive industry has an important significance. I believe the two sides will be mutual trust, collaboration, and continuously consolidate the basis for cooperation, seize the rare opportunity to make a big fight for the development of new energy vehicles in China to make new and greater contributions.
        Li said in his speech, he will be the signing as an opportunity to strengthen communication docking, landing as soon as possible to promote the project, so that new energy vehicles out of Puyang Puyang, to the country, to the world.
        On Puyang City, the new energy vehicle development subsequent development forum organized by the school for a long time Li elaborated on the current situation and new energy vehicle development direction, and the main task of local governments. He said, Puyang city government in cooperation with Nanjing Jiayuan, will promote new energy electric car industry to accelerate development, Puyang has become a new growth point of economic development.