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  • Jiayuan city spirit country gains a small electric vehicle test five awards contest

    Upload time: 2016-05-30

  •      National small electric vehicle performance testing, in May 25, 2016 began, the game has shortlisted 41 companies nationwide, more than 100 electric cars, after five days of the performance evaluation, the final race of the performance of the five award categories, the assessment category for five.

         Nanjing Jiayuan Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. special in this competition, the competition is familiar to everyone Jiayuan Eldar micro car.

         Jiayuan Eldar performance in the competition, a total of five awards gains. Wherein the performance category for three, the assessment category for two. Jiayuan Eldar a car 5 prize, spoils.



         It is known that special Nanjing Jiayuan Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has three decades of experience in research and development of electric vehicles for many years, accumulated rich technology, can embrace the light in this competition awards, considered the results to be expected, a focus on technology to do company, this performance test results, not really a compliment, can only say Jiayuan technology and product recognition.

         Jiayuan micro-car vehicle belong to independent design, development, production. Vehicle technology standards in security design, performance operations are subject to the European automotive standards.

         Participating Jiayuan Eldar have been exported to Europe, and reputation, I believe that before long, you'll see Jiayuan Eldar, conquer those picky, arrogant Europeans re-establish domestic electric car image.

         Recent eldar collision test, exported to Europe, plus the eldar real accident and car all can tell you, the eldar minicar is a model for the world. So, these awards, to the eldar, for jia far people can only just beginning.