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  • Jiayuan city spirit electric car won the year's most stylish models

    Upload time: 2015-12-08

  •      2015 Top Ten small electric car awards ceremony was held in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The poll has hundreds of electric car companies to enroll in a number of industry media, experts in the field, the furniture-related businesses to participate in the ceremony, guests attended the ceremony more than 200 people, as evidenced by the electric vehicle industry and a rather grand ceremony Exchange.
    Jiayuan "Eldar" electric vehicle dynamic fashion appearance won the "2015 most stylish models" award.
         Jiayuan Eldar in the election campaign, two of the few models to participate in the selection and won the honor of electric vehicles. Eldar electric vehicle positioning itself urban families' travel umbrella ", a series of high-end market, to improve the quality of electric car driving born.
         love at first sight. Eldar clean, lovely, Meng Meng looks best capture the girl's mind.
         You may not know Big Moe was "spiritual family" as long as the road along the way always dogged, sister shot elegant and refined outspoken Eldar total escape, the girl who can not wait for the highway to the heart of the sister Eldar packaged to take home.
         Sun, Eldar is so elegant, pleasant. In serious imbalance between men and women today, buy a spiritual family gave their goddess maybe you will be able to successfully take off alone.
         In addition to "the most fashion model," this body gorgeous red makeup, under the bright look Eldar run pace has been steady and strong.
         Despite the gorgeous award did not say, so an electric car, you can see him a lot of places maverick.
         The two design its own way, crumple bumper structure, rich practical multimedia configuration, complete auxiliary equipment, colorful colors and the like.
         Electric cars increased wheelbase, increased space, the general trend of the seat, two Eldar insists, is the quality of their own self-confidence, but also insist on driving quality; crumple bumper structure, stamping doors, many electric Cars neglected invisible guardian, Eldar has always insisted, we will continue to improve stick to it, for the safety design, Jiayuan Yong uncompromising.
         Car companies do, the car is the company's philosophy and spirit. People look at the car, the car can be more intuitive feel the accumulation of a corporate background and attitudes, learn Jiayuan you will find Eldar vehicles out of a little something.
         Secure energy absorbing bumper design, a little more care.
         Vacuum booster brake system, a little more performance.
         Body stamping process, a little bit more out of conscience.
         Rich in B-Class configuration, a little more pursuit.
         Patient and meticulous after-sale, a little more play.
         Profit is an important factor in the survival of enterprises, but under interests, adhere to the quality of their products and features to get more long-term development. Jiayuan convinced of this, so Eldar test drive every time with honors.
         Most authentic, quality is excellent with Eldar really meant for you.
         Jiayuan Eldar picky, intentions improved significantly, 33 years insisted that only in order to improve the quality of travel.
         Jiayuan intention to create middle-class home of the second car, has been committed to high-quality driving life.