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Since 1982, Jiayuan EV has always focused on the R & D, production and sales of pure electric vehicle core components and complete vehicles. It is a professional company that has the longest history of R & D and the most abundant technology in China.

Jiayuan is an outstanding representative of China's private enterprises in technology accumulation and independent innovation in emerging industries of national strategy. In the long-term specialized R & D and production process, Jiayuan has innovated the complete set of technical routes for electric vehicles featuring independent design and production Jiayuan electric car drive system of the core components.

For more than thirty years, under the leadership of the founders of two generations, Jiayuan's technical team has always adhered to the R & D philosophy of "taking practical as a starting point, based on the existing mature industrial platform, and targeting at high efficiency, precision and simplicity" Paying attention to the technical safety, stability and reliability of the product, under the precondition of emphasizing its cost performance, it has made great achievements by developing EV technology and products with Jiayuan characteristics that the market and users can take the initiative to accept. With Jiayuan in the field of electric vehicles continue to enrich the research and in-depth, Jiayuan technical team is also growing.

Jiayuan now has built a team of professionals with various professional teams including motor, automatic control, electrochemistry, vehicle design, electrical design, process modeling design and structural process design, forming the core of the technical team mainly in 1970s and 1980s , With thousands of domestic experts and other industry experts and the strength of the industry, forge ahead enterprising technical team.

Jiayuan always sticks to the business philosophy of "market-oriented, technology-based, green and energy-saving" and fully applies the mature and industrialized platform to produce the core components of the drive system and at the same time, it inherits the commonality of the traditional automobile Parts production Jiayuan electric vehicles, Jiayuan dynamic grouping of power battery pack, not only can effectively extend the battery life, but also for the electric car to provide long life mileage warranty, the electric car purchase and running costs really low At the same level of fuel trucks. The use of these independent core technologies not only ensures the safety, stability and reliability of Jiayuan electric vehicles, but also further improves the cost performance advantages of Jiayuan electric vehicles.

Jiayuan has created the first record of a single charging mileage of 444.7km in 2001. In 2008, Jiayuan became the first company in China to export high-speed electric vehicles in small quantities. In recent years, Jiayuan never stopped making new records.
Jiayuan has now mass-produced and sold a series of featured electric car, miniature household scooters, four-wheel electric vehicles and electric light trucks with load-carrying and speed-matched products of the same grade with full ramp-up performance.
In 2015, Jiayuan Lingzu series products came out. In the same year, they took out a number of domestic design awards and five performance test awards. They won the design award the following year and obtained the EEC certification from the EU countries. The products were officially exported abroad. The market layout of Jiayuan electric vehicles is constantly improving both from home and abroad. From the earliest purely technical research and development enterprises, enterprises are moving toward a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, R & D, production and sales.
Jiayuan electric vehicles and drive system was multi-level government as a key support project, with the transformation from R & D to industrialization, more products Jiayuan electric vehicles have begun to gradually put on the market. Jiayuan completely independent intellectual property rights, a very cost-effective global family of small passenger cars have also been listed in the domestic market has also been pushed to overseas markets. Up to now, Jiayuan has declared and obtained nearly 100 valid patents authorized by international patented invention patents and utility models.